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Introducing our most recent products below:

Recipe Focus

Make your life simple and your table plentiful with this community-oriented cooking and blog site.

  • Quick and easy recipes
  • Healthy everyday and holiday menu
  • Traditional American and adventure Oriental and Russian dishes
  • Timesaving Make-Ahead freezer recipes
  • Spectacular, complicated, from scratch recipes (prepare to be shocked!)
  • Tips to make cooking easier

Share your favorite recipes and cooking ideas, create your own recipe collection, and more!

Here is the link:

Secure Paste Bin

The online Secure Paste Bin application is designed to allow one to exchange information securely with other individuals with full confidentiality, or to store confidential information for future use. Even the owners of the Secure Paste Bin web site are not able to read the protected information as it is encrypted with a password in the sender's browser before being sent to the server. The password is never transmitted to the server, only the encrypted data. The recipient of the information needs to know the password in order to decrypt the data, and decryption only happens in the recipient's browser.

This is a perfect application for exchanging simple text messages with confidence that only the intended recipient will be able to read the message, and no one else can learn the content of the exchange.

Here is the link: